Jean Paul Gaultier brings boxing to fashion week in Paris

Jean Paul Gaultier brings boxing to fashion week in Paris

on Friday,January 22,2010 23:01


far as world of fashion goes, one would be hard pressed to find a designer more outgoing and daring than Jean Paul Gaultier. The French artiste has made a career out of haut couture with an outsiders twist, producing an effect reminiscent of the Road Warrior on the Red Carpet. At this year''s Parisian fashion week, Gaultier continued the trend by unveiling his new boxing-themed line.

At a runway show featuring celebrity guests like Kanye West and Amber Rose, Gaultier took to the stage with an eye catching and surprisingly approachable collection drawn mostly from in-ring attire.

The bulk of the designs drew inspiration from a boxer''s robe, with everything from T-shirts to evening dresses receiving its own dropping hood and sash. Gaultier chose a more muscular and macho group of models for the runway show, each of whom featured makeup resembling cuts, bruises and black eyes to complete the boxing feel.
Gaultier claims his collection was created to fight what he perceives boredom and gloom in the fashion industry.

"The whole world is in crisis, not just fashion which lives a little in autarchy, with only people involved in fashion buying fashion," the designer told the Associated Press. "But the crisis means you look for ways out, for new solutions."

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