New $100 bill design on the way

New $100 bill design on the way

on Wednesday,April 21,2010 22:04


The U.S. government unveiled today its redesigned $100 note, which features changes that are intended to ward off counterfeiters.

Officials from the Department of the Treasury said the new note will retain its same look, but will incorporate two new security features that will make the bills harder to copy.

One is a 3-D security ribbon on the front of the bill that has pictures of bells and numerals that move as it is tilted. The second security update is an image of a bell that changes color from copper to green when the bill is moved around

Assistant director for cash at the Federal Reserve, Michael Lambert, said the $100 bill is a major target for counterfeiters around the world, making the design updates necessary.

"The $100 is the highest value denomination that we issue, and it circulates broadly around the world," he said. "Therefore, we took the necessary time to develop advanced security features that are easy for the public to use in everyday transactions, but difficult for counterfeiters to replicate."

The Federal Reserve says that less than 1/100 of the total currency in circulation is counterfeit.

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