High school student launches fashion website to promote originality in fashion

on Thursday,May 20,2010 22:05


Prom season has arrived, which means many teenaged girls will compete with one another to achieve the most original dress or highly coveted hairdo. While formal events can provide a platform for high school students to look their best before they leave for college, seeing a fellow student wearing the same dress could ruin some young girls' evenings.

To prevent such catastrophes, high school senior Alexandra Wenger has launched DressDibs, a website that enables prom-goers to post pictures of the outfit they plan to wear on their big night. This process allows users to "call dibs" on a gown to the rest of their school as soon as they purchase it.

As a result, these teenagers will feel more confident that they will be the only one donning their dream dress.

The site also features upload capabilities, graphics and fashion information that can help high school students get ready for prom. Users can also find links to other resources and information that can prepare them for other formal events, such as homecoming or other school dances.
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