Canadian designers recreate UFC fighters

Canadian designers recreate UFC fighters

on Friday,June 11,2010 22:06


Prop designers for movies have to be versatile in their craft. Whether the production calls for a medieval sword, a futuristic laser cannon or a convincing fat suit to help revive a failing comedian's career, prop masters must be on top of their game at all times. Two designers from Richmond, British Colombia, showed what they could do by recreating an eerily accurate bust of UFC light-heavyweight Chuck "the Iceman" Liddel.

Twins Keith and Howard Lau, who are both graduates of the arts program at H.J. Cambie high school, are experienced props builders, having contributed to such productions as "I, Robot,"
Scary Movie 4" and "Smallville" through their Pipeline Modelshop Firm.

For the likeness of the 6'2" former light-heavyweight champion, the Lau brothers spent two months laboring in an effort to capture the trademark scowl and complexion of the fighting champion.

"In order for us to kind of show what we can do and not just show other people's work," Keith told the Richmond Review. "Chuck Liddell has such an interesting face and hairstyle. It would be such an interesting look, so we thought it would be nice to try and make our favorite fighter."

Liddel, a 205-pound mixed martial artist who is widely recognized for his Mohawk hairdo and scalp tattoo, has yet to see the likeness, but the Lau brothers plan to show it to him in person at an after-party following his bout during UFC 115.

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