Medical scrubs designer launches collection for babies and children

Medical scrubs designer launches collection for babies and children

on Tuesday,June 29,2010 22:06



Education organizations push for more effective assessment methods

In an effort to ensure that K-12 students are receiving an education that will help them succeed in the modern workforce, the Learning First Alliance is calling for stronger assessment methods.

The organization - which is a partnership between 17 national education associations that represent parents, teachers and legislators - is lobbying the government to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Advocates believe that this action would lead to better instruction methods.

Through their efforts, members of the alliance hope to promote assessment systems that use multiple measurements to prove a student's proficiency in a given subject. Furthermore, they are advocating a broad curriculum that will expose students to a wide variety of subjects, including reading, math, history, civics, science, art, world language and well as career and technical skills.

In addition, these education experts are calling for universal curriculum design tactics that will cater to all students, including those for whom English is not their first language as well as children with learning disabilities.

Alliance officials say that these changes will require additional education for teachers, as these professionals will need to learn to use innovative instructional techniques and to understand assessment data.


Business school leader touts benefits of executive MBA programs

Due to the recovering economy, competition for high-paying MBA jobs is particularly keen. As a result, industry experts are recommending that business professionals - even those with many years of experience - update their educational qualifications.

For example, John McDonald, executive director of the Ken Blanchard Executive MBA (EMBA) program at Grand Canyon University, recently released a depiction of the potential payoffs of completing a masters degree in business.

EMBA programs are intended for seasoned businessmen and women who have experience as leaders, managers, administrators, owners or executive board members. While many traditional MBA programs teach degree seekers how to effectively manage their employees, EMBA curricula aim to help students learn how to manage themselves, according to McDonald.

These courses of study teach students to develop or tweak their own style of leadership. As a result, they may be able to determine the best way to solve problems in order to better serve their businesses.

In addition, EMBA candidates will learn to more effectively handle their customers and shareholders, who, in many cases, are considered the focal point of companies' business practices.



Proposed policy changes could affect masters degree in teaching programs

Individuals who are pursuing masters in education careers may wish to consider staying abreast of legislative changes in their field, as many advocacy groups are currently pushing for reforms to certain teaching policies.

For instance, the Learning First Alliance recently announced its support for the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Through their efforts, the organization - a collaboration of more than 10 million parents, teachers and legislators - hopes to improve the assessment systems that are used to measure student performance.

In addition to multiple-source assessment techniques, representatives from the organization are pushing for broad curricula that will help students succeed in the modern job market. They say that young learners should be familiar with traditional subjects, such as reading, math and history, as well as less popular fields such as civics, art, world language, career training and technical education.

Implementation of these changes would require teachers to undergo additional training, which has prompted the association to call for increased access to professional development opportunities for educators. As a result, professionals in this field could produce more successful students if they continuously update their skills.



Business administration degrees can benefit experienced professionals

Although there is much to be said for the qualifications that can come with years of experience, business analysts suggest that individuals who wish to move up the career ladder should consider enrolling in a campus-based or online college degree program at any stage of their professional development.

Fortunately, many schools are creating programs that are intended for working adults. For instance, an administrator from an online school recently touted the perks of executive MBA programs (EMBA), which are designed with seasoned professionals in mind.

Directors of these courses of study realize that enrollees are focused on reaching the highest levels of management, and that they have already learned and practiced the foundations of leadership. Consequently, many of these programs are intended to teach students how to hone their own style of management and apply it to issues that are specific to their organizations or industries.

In addition, many of these programs focus on working with customers and shareholders, who are often considered to be the most important factors in a company's business practices.



Medical scrubs designer launches collection for babies and children

In an attempt to offer fashionable, lightweight clothing for active children, designer blue sky scrubs has created a line of medical garments for babies and kids.

The pint-size designs are intended to mimic the brand's adult-sized outfits, which were created five years ago by Houston-based anesthesiologist Shelby Marquardt. All blue sky scrubs products - including medical scrubs, operating room caps and other accessories - are intended to be both stylish and functional.

The scrubs, which are available in sizes three months to 12 years, come in seersucker fabric, which is breathable and easily washable. In addition, the scrubs do not need to be ironed, which may make them ideal play clothes during the spring and summer months. All sizes are available in classic ceil blue or pink.

Company officials say that the new children's collection will keep babies cool and comfortable in warm weather, while older kids may enjoy donning the same outfits as their parents.

The designer has created a new website specifically for the new collection, and all of the children's pieces are available in the site's online store.

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