Craft Animations develops new 3D animation software

Craft Animations develops new 3D animation software

on Friday,July 02,2010 20:07


Craft Animations, a developer of real-time 3D animation technology used by Disney, Pixar and Ford, recently announced that they will be offering a discount on the complete Craft Director Studio tools suite. The package includes 2011 versions of Craft SoftMotionCam, Craft ObserverCam, Craft MultiStateCam, Craft HumanizerCam, as well as four Craft Pre-rigged Models.

The company will offer a 40 percent discount to animators who are currently utilizing Softimage 2011 or 3ds Max 2011 software.

"With this upgrade, 3D artists and game animators will gain a more complete opportunity to amplify creativity, quality and overall realism while experiencing lowered production times," said Deborah Lygonis, CEO and founder of Craft Animations.

The software will include nine specialized virtual cameras and seven vehicle tools that increase interactive control and simulation. The new animation tools will also provide the ability to enahnce cinematics through a modular, configurable system that replicates a specific rig's animation within a given project.

Artists will be able to drive a vehicle or direct a camera within the environment.

The effect will be more realistic and achieved in less time, than in previous versions of the product.

Craft Animations will display the complete CDS suite at SIGGRAPH 2010, which takes place from July 25-29 in Los Angeles, California.

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