Fashion event hosts industry professionals

Fashion event hosts industry professionals

on Wednesday,August 11,2010 23:08


Adults who are interested in clothing and jewelry design, marketing or photography may benefit from attending a fashion show or similar event. These affairs are often excellent opportunities to meet professionals in these industries.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, The Beautiful People will host models, photographers, stylists, aestheticians and makeup artists for a networking event. The Beautiful People is an organization comprised of professionals in the fashion industry.

The event is designed to feel like a luxury yacht excursion, and will feature a Baubles and Jewels accessory display by Sparrow Boutique as well as a Glam Bar with complimentary touch-ups by Flawless Makeup Art with iMpact Cosmetics. The Beautiful People will also have a Shoe Buffet with footwear and accessories by Bakers Shoes.

"This is an over-the-top networking event for everyone who has their hands in the fashion and beauty industries," said Ezekiel Cheney, co-presenter and founder of Zeek and Company, which is one of the hosts.

Guests will be photographed as they walk the red carpet, and upon entering, they will be treated to hand and foot massages by Varji of Varji Salon. During the event, the DJ TeQuila will keep guests entertained with Brazilian music mixes.

Those who wish to launch a career in the fashion or beauty industry may want to consider enrolling in a design program at an art school.

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