Pakistani IT awards recognize online fashion magazine

Pakistani IT awards recognize online fashion magazine

on Monday,October 11,2010 21:10


In order to recognize digital media companies who demonstrate excellence in their field, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) held its PASHA Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2010 ceremony this week.

Fashion Central - an online fashion and lifestyle magazine - won runner-up in the Digital Media and Entertainment category. Participating organizations were judged on the basis of uniqueness, market potential, functionalities and features, quality and application of technology and presentation. As a winner of an award, the company will represent Pakistan at the regional Asia-Pacific ICT Awards event in Malaysia.

PASHA is a collaboration of businesses in the information technology (IT) industry in Pakistan. The PASHA ICT Awards aim to provide recognition to software and service applications that have been developed in Pakistan by providing companies an opportunity to gain local, regional and international exposure through promotional activities. The awards are meant to acknowledge creativity, innovation and excellence in the country's IT sector.

In addition, the awards are designed to highlight the talent and technology assets that have been developed and launched out of companies in Pakistan. 

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