Clough stands behind decision to remove Wojnarowicz piece

Clough stands behind decision to remove Wojnarowicz piece

on Friday,January 21,2011 19:01


When David Wojnarowicz's piece, "A Fire in My Belly," was removed from the National Portrait Museum, it sparked controversy across the art world. The 13-minute video, depicting Jesus Christ being walked on by ants on the crucifix, has since been relocated to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Despite opposition, Smithsonian chief Wayne Clough recently stated that he would not have decided against removing the piece if he could turn back time.

Recently, protesters against the decision to take down the Wojnarowicz piece approached Clough before he gave a speech in Los Angeles, California, according to the Associated Press. The response to the removal of the video has been overwhelming, and Clough says he has already replied to hundreds of e-mails from angry art enthusiasts around the world.

However, Clough told individuals who attended his speech that he still disagrees with the piece being displayed in the museum. Although he would have approached the situation differently if he could turn back in time, Clough stands behind his decision.

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