New book details timeline for aspiring graphic designers

New book details timeline for aspiring graphic designers

on Friday,March 25,2011 15:03


There are several steps a graphic designer has to complete in order to create a successful project. A new book was published to help professionals in this field meet their deadlines. The book, which is called Designer's Guide to Prepress, was written by Erika Kendra to offer a specific timeline for graphic designers to follow.

The book, which was published by the National Associate for Printing Leadership (NAPL), highlights each stage of a graphic design project. Kendra explains she included as much about the design process as she did the printing process.

"The more you can learn about how to accommodate the output process, the more you will be able to produce designs that are compelling, printable, and profitable for everyone involved," said Kendra.

She suggests that prospective graphic designers should be aware of the newest printing equipment and be able to create files that work efficiently. The book, along with other useful information, can be found on NAPL Printer's Preferred Library on the company's website.

By Jasmine Bennett

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