Students and retail store work together in fashion event

Students and retail store work together in fashion event

on Wednesday,April 27,2011 22:04


The fashion design students of the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, British Columbia, are teaming up with local store BroSista to highlight important styles before summer hits.

The night starts off with a show and a close-out sale follows, which means that all items must be sold. The fashion show will showcase the new styles and trends of the upcoming summer season. The event will also feature retail items that will be offered at a discounted price. BroSista, which as been a successful store for the past six years, is using the event as a form of customer appreciation. For the students, it is a learning experience to understand how to operate a fashion show.

The clothing that will be on sale will include brands such as Mek Denim, English Laundry, Pink Martini and Parasuco.

The school has three locations in Canada including Kelowna, Halifax and Fredericton. It focuses on digital media and has degrees for animation, digital media design, interior design, network security and 3D Animation along with fashion design and merchandising. 

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