Lady Gaga dons 22-year-old fashion designers creation

Lady Gaga dons 22-year-old fashion designers creation

on Wednesday,August 17,2011 20:08


Lady Gaga went to Singapore to promote her latest album, and the dress she decided to wear was Rebecca Short's creation. Short is a 22-year-old fashion designer who designed the dress for the annual Birmingham University fashion show, according to the Daily Mail.

Short told the news provider that she thinks her simple nude-colored rubber dress was chosen because it can be dressed up in all different ways. Gaga, who is known for her wild styles, chose a turquoise beehive and double-rimmed glasses to go with it.

"We all went to Graduate Fashion Week at the end of term and took our designs there. Lady Gaga's stylist was there and she asked if she could borrow the dress. I knew she had a few designs so I didn't expect to hear anything else," Short told the news source. She is hoping for more exposure because of it.

This isn't the first time Gaga has gone crazy over a young fashion designer's creation. According to MyFashionLife, she asked the 18-year-old designer Rhiannon Jones to ship some of her threads to Los Angeles after she saw them in a show in London.

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