How to bring pieces into a space without overcrowding

How to bring pieces into a space without overcrowding

on Monday,September 19,2011 21:09


Many individuals love collecting unique and extraordinary vintage pieces and other types of furniture and items. However, many do not know how to incorporate them into a living space, resulting in the room being overcrowded or the piece being overshadowed by large-scale furniture, according to the Abington Patch.

There are ways to avoid this. The news source explains that a homeowner should decorate around the piece, whether it be a sofa, coffee table or even a painting. Make it a centerpiece and give it some room without cluttering it.

In addition, keep little ones from playing in the area near a priceless antique. If a mother or grandmother explains to the youngsters how much the art means to them, they may be able to educate them while keeping them from knocking over a beloved collection, the media outlet reports.

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