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The biggest sporting event of the year so far upped its entertainment value by running highly anticipated 3D ads.

An institute that specializes in issuing green certifications has experienced an increased growth in applications, and projects that the trend will continue.

The winner of a recently announced fashion competition has been awarded a full-tuition scholarship to study fashion design.

Green ideas have already penetrated many industries, and the newly passed stimulus package is expected to provide billions of dollars to promote green technologies and spur job creation.

A famous Italian architect keeps busy with a second major project revealed this month.

A newly launched project aims to make four major U.S. cities leaders in energy efficient building construction.

Electronics companies are vying to provide a new generation of TV experience - your favorite programs in three dimensions - and one company has recently introduced its latest offering to the U.S. audience.

Winners have been announced in an international industrial and product design competition which focused on creative ways of recycling old household items.

School revenues may be plunging, but educators hope that the stimulus package will provide relief and prevent further cuts.

Responding to the need to chronicle human rights abuses, a successful businessman's foundation provides resources for photojournalists to document injustices around the world.

An internationally recognized architect has been tapped to rebuild the gateway to the Maltese capital and design its Opera House.

Technological advances are making it possible to digitally recreate actors, a development which raises tantalizing possibilities but stirs controversy as well.

The growing number of job websites for freelance graphic and web designers indicates a positive trend in demand for their services.

President Obama's newly confirmed education secretary comes with an impressive resume and will be charged with a daunting task.

The beginning of the year is a good time for predictions, and one commentator looks at the ongoing experimentation to identify hot web design trends for the next 12 months.

Barack Obama has turned to an award-winning photographer, and a college professor, to document the next four years of his historic presidency.

One of the biggest providers of student financing has released a report which blames market volatility for its bleak year-end results.

Demographic and industrial trends indicate that demand for architects will grow faster than the average for all occupations for the next several years.

A New York gallery has announced plans to start the construction of its new impressive offices designed by a famous architect.

The presidential transition was never going to be short on fashion news, and the announcement of the interior designer for Obama's new home proves it once again.

The international photographic industry this week celebrates its brightest stars with the announcement of the annual Sony World Photography Awards.

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