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Apple Inc. is suing Samsung Electronics Co. for copying the iPhones and iPads design and using it on three different smartphones and on its Galaxy Tab tablet, according to the Fox Business.

General Motors (GM) has announced a contest for design students to envision the styling of a GM motor vehicle.

A popular jeweler in southern California has recently announced that they will now be carrying Candy Ice Jewelry.

Facebook has announced that the company will be sharing its new data center and web design, which is 38 percent more energy-efficient than other centers, with other Internet companies, according to the Oakland Tribune.

Individuals who are curious about web design may like to know about a new website that was launched.

The computer manufacturing company Dell has released a new series of its Inspiron laptops that allow users to change the color and design of the machine as much as they way.

The leaders of several prominent businesses in Michigan have stepped forward to announce their plans to open the doors of a brand new design hub in the southwestern region of the state as an effort to jump-start the state's economy.

While a lightbulb may not at first seem to be the most exciting new product on the market, designers Samuel Wilkinson and Michael-George Hemus managed to design one that caught the attention of the judges at the 2011 Brit Insurance Design of the Year.

To compete in the smartphone market these days, companies first must figure out a way to outperform the massively popular iPhone.

Artist and teacher Kay Owens will be exhibiting some of her watercolor artwork at Arts Visalia in California.

It's not often that one gets to combine a passion for video games and golf, but the annual Design-A-Hole contest hosted by Incredible Technologies offers competitors just that.

Many homeowners make it their hobby to personalize their living space - whether that means decorating a dorm room, putting up artwork in an apartment or furnishing a house.

The Mustang may be an American automobile, but that doesn't mean that Ford won't be looking elsewhere for useful input about the design for the new car that is slated to be released in 2013 or 2014.

Design is a universal field that can make almost anything a little more vibrant and unique.

Designer Brenda Brathwaite explained that when she was looking for new students who had just gotten a video game design degree, she always looked for those who knew how to code

In celebration of the upcoming season, a recent Hong Kong jewelry contest awarded six beautiful pieces that complemented the theme "The Glory of Spring."

Many of those who appreciate art design agree that the emotions and personality of a certain artist come out in every piece.

New England residents with a taste for mid-20th century art will not have to look far to view some of the most notable works of the period.

For years, professionals in the art industry were baffled as to what happened to watercolors created by Chinese-American painter, Jake Lee.

Museums that add new pieces to their collection not only increase the chances of drawing larger crowds, but provide more learning opportunities to visitors as well.

Collecting is popular among art enthusiasts, and festivals are the ideal place to view a showcase of new works.

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Second designer chosen for home decor competition, an ongoing online competition for young home decor designers, announced its second winner. Brandon Dover of Apply Valley, California, was this year's winner, as he created an abstract pen and inkwork design for a bedspread.

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