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The Drawing Center in New York has been moved a number of times, but it has finally found a permanent home in SoHo, according to The New York Times.

Litter is typically unsightly, but for one artist in Baltimore, Maryland, it provided a wake-up call to do something about the environment.

The Super Bowl is not only a big time of year for sports fans, but gamblers alike.

When David Wojnarowicz's piece, "A Fire in My Belly," was removed from the National Portrait Museum, it sparked controversy across the art world.

Paintings often hold value to collectors, but they can also have a large emotional significance for those who once owned the piece.

For kids, a simple contest might be all they need to become inspired to enter a career in design.

Many art exhibitions do not allow visitors to interact with the presentation, but Utah State University (USU) is attempting to change this as they introduce the new Caine College of Arts (CCA).

Google doodles catch the eyes of millions of Internet users every day, but some of the most educational sketches are those that commemorate historical people and events.

Those who criticized Smithsonian Institution secretary Wayne Clough for removing David Wojnarowicz's "A Fire in My Belly" are taking their anger to a new level by organizing a protest.

Many people thought that Henri Matisse's works were no longer going to return to auction after his last piece sold for more than $48 million.

Many individuals who have a passion for the arts do not necessarily make a career out of it.

Art Deco may not be as influential as it was when it debuted in the 1920s, but enthusiasts are still finding ways to celebrate its importance in history.

After years of facing the elements, the historical San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts has received a face lift.

Recently, David Wojnarowicz's 13-minute video, "Fire in My Belly," found a new home at the Museum of Modern Art after being removed from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Many local artists struggle to make ends meet in order to pursue their passion, but one community is hosting an exhibition and auction to help creative residents.

Many people say that one man's trash is often another man's treasure.

Recently, the art world was buzzing over the collection of the late Dennis Hopper, which was slated to go up for auction following his untimely death.

Many creative children have dreams of displaying their art to the world, but lack the outlets to showcase their talent.

When a celebrity passes away, they may have more than their fair share of wealth to hand over to family members and the public alike.

The 2008 recession hindered the economic growth of several industries, but one that has notably rebounded is the art world.

Abandoned buildings have been an eye sore for residents in Detroit, Michigan, for years.

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