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Professional designers who develop illustrations geared toward children can have a large impact on the younger generation.

The Baby Boomer generation has been credited with a large portion of the success seen today in the 21st century, but experts have found it difficult to pinpoint its contribution to the arts.

Even though some of the most renowned artists have passed on, their work remains popular among collectors around the world.

As more people expand upon their passion for the arts, the industry is seeing a significant amount of growth. Philadelphia is one city that has an abundance of residents who are dedicating themselves to art and culture.

Art can not only give people a glimpse into history, but also current events and public figures.

When a newly discovered work of art is verified as authentic, it can drive traffic to a museum and provide more learning opportunities for visitors.

Young adults with an interest in the arts may want to visit a museum to learn more about their passion. However, many facilities lack the funding to provide learning resources to individuals.

With advancements in technology, musicians are finding new ways to create works of art. Recently, OK Go orchestrated a parade through downtown Los Angeles, and they had GPS devices in hand.

Museums pride themselves on their collections, and many of their most valuable pieces are donated by patrons who share the love.

Art museums provide culture to local communities, but they typically rely on donations to pay for operation costs.

Vincent van Gogh's "The Ox Cart" has been on display at the Portland Art Museum since it was donated in 2007, but it had never caught the attention of Oregon Health and Science University researchers until recently.

Many people assimilate artists with paint and canvases, but one Ohio native is proving that art is in the eye of the beholder.

Community studios are not only beneficial for local artists, but aspiring ones as well. Recently, Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois, celebrated its first year as a refuge for individuals looking for a creative outlet.

This holiday season, more Connecticut consumers are turning away from the shopping malls and investing in art, according to The Day.

One hundred years ago, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) opened its doors to art enthusiasts and the general public alike after a $150,000 donation.

Recently, contemporary art has grown in popularity among collectors. However, one 74-year old woman had no idea that she owned a valuable piece for more than 45 years until just weeks ago.

Art is not only a creative outlet for many people, but an emotional one as well.

The art industry has rebounded since the 2008 recession as more collectors show signs that they are willing to invest in contemporary works.

Artists are often finding new outlets to express their creativity, and many find it to be therapeutic. In Haiti, more people are resorting to art as a way to cope with the devastation from the 2010 earthquake.

The arts are an important part of every school curriculum, but many districts lack the funding necessary to keep these programs in tact.

Pablo Picasso's works have been treasured by the art world for decades, but now, experts may have new pieces to set their eyes on.

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