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A curriculum that works around your job, where you take only the classes necessary for you to work in your chosen profession. A four-day class week, where Friday is a "Plus" day that gives you time to talk with professors, study, or just take the day off. Specially designed courses let you keep working while you take classes to complete your course of study. Through across the country employment services a person can find employment, prepare for interviews or review their earlier class taken, free of cost, at any time in their career.


Career Programs Offered

The courses offered in Spencerian College are only for careers that are commonly sought. We offer certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs in fields such as Health Sciences, Computer Aided Design, and Business Graphic Design, among others. Every one of our programs maximize flexibility with a quarter based format and both day and evening sessions.

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At Spencerian, in as little as six months, you will receive the resources, information, and education you'll need to find a high-paying and high-demand career. Our dedication to our students as evidenced through the personal attention, career specific curricula, and professional graduate employment assistance is the reason why our graduates that take advantage of these services are able to obtain fulfilling employment in their chosen fields.

Steps to Success

  • You only need to take the classes required for your profession.
  • The school week is only four days, with Friday being used as a "Plus" day when you can study, meet with professors or just unwind.
  • Accelerated programs, both day and evening, that permit you to work and pursue your education simultaneously.
  • Nationwide employment services that will assist you in preparing for interviews, finding employment, or reviewing classes, all for free and available for life.

Our Career Programs

Spencerian College offers students a quality education specifically for careers that are in high demand. You might seek a certificate, diploma or an associate degree in several areas of learning, such as Health Science, Business, Graphic Design or Computer Aided Design, to name a few. Our academic programs are delivered under the quarter system and can be taken during day and night sessions, affording the most scheduling flexibility possible. Take some time to visit the web sites of either of our Kentucky campuses (Louisville or Lexington) for more information.

Year after year, the college achieves outstanding graduate employment placement success. Statistics regarding graduate employment success on an annual basis can be obtained from the office of Graduate Employment Services (GES).

Just about every student is eligible for some type of financial aid. Grants, scholarships, and student loans are included in the financial aid program.

Spencerian College employs several hard-working students part-time, and is approved to train Veterans, their survivors, and the children of disabled veterans by the public laws of the United States Veterans Administration. Spencerian College offers services to a client based at Kentucky Vocational Rehabilitation centers. A student having a significant handicap to employment may qualify for financial aid during training.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree in Architectural CADD

The goal of the Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting program is the development of skills and comprehension that are required to create technical illustrations for the creation and construction of a wide range of architectural disciplines. An important part of this curriculum is hands-on training on the computer aided design drafting and related equipment.

When students graduate from this program, they will be equipped with skills in many areas including the abilities to:

  • Demonstrate all the skills outlined in the Certificate in Drafting program
  • Understand basic design principles through the use of physics, statics, strength of materials and mathematics
  • Develop engineering drawings with minimal supervision
  • Develop architectural designs utilizing space planning and volumetric principles
  • Understand the principles and design process involved in foundations, framing, residential and commercial construction
  • Utilize a computer aided drafting system for technical drawing and design production.

Graduates of this program will be able to seek employment as:

  • Architectural Drafters or Detailers
  • Structural Drafters
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Field Technicians
  • Design Technicians
  • Project Technicians
  • CADD Operators.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree in Architectural & Mechanical Project Design & Development CADD

The Architectural & Mechanical Project Design & Development CADD program focuses on the development and understanding of the design process. The courses are designed to work well together. This program promotes and develops the skills needed to take an Architectural and Mechanical concept from idea to finished project. The emphasis is on practical application through Architectural & Mechanical case studies, teamwork, and hands-on projects. The course will give students the CAD skills they need to create designs and technical drawings in architectural and mechanical careers.

Both an understanding of basic design principles as they pertain to architecture and mechanics along with some thoughts on how the disciplines relate to each other will be achieved after finishing the program.

A few of the subjects covered include:

  • Architectural & Mechanical CADD
  • Architectural & Mechanical design principles
  • Physics, statics, strengths & properties of materials
  • Processes used in the design of both commercial and residential structures
  • Site development procedures.

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Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.): Computer Graphic Design

The Computer Graphic Design program aims at developing the understanding and skills required for employment in industries using computer animation, desktop publishing, computer graphics, three-dimensional computer modeling, and similar services.

Once the student graduates from the program, he or she will be able to:

  • Acquire several professional publications, documents and imagery utilizing manual skills and advanced computer equipment and software
  • Utilize the microcomputer, related software and associated peripheral equipment like scanners, printers and plotters
  • Make use of the computer to produce and/or alter images to create solutions to several graphic and design problems

Furthermore, the graduates will work as:

  • Technical Illustrators
  • Renderers
  • Graphic Designers in advertising
  • Corporate Design Professionals<7li>
  • Computer Artists in various entertainment fields
  • Computer Graphic Consultants

A creative designer working in the field find themselves working in many different types of places, like advertising agencies, print houses, art studios, and large corporations, or other places that need visual medial as a way to promote and communicate.

Spencerian College List of campuses:

  • Spencerian College - Lexington
  • Spencerian College - Louisville

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