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Vatterott College

So, you have decided to follow your dream and pursue a career doing what you love most; Vatterott offers courses that will prepare you to step into your dream position whether it is in business operations, veterinary, fashion merchandizing or becoming an IT professional.


The award levels available at the various Vatterott locations follow. Please be aware that not all programs are offered at all campuses.

  • Diploma
  • Academic Associate Degree
  • Associate of Occupational Studies Degree
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Bachelor of Science Degree

You can earn your degree or diploma at Vatterott College, Vatterott Education Center, L’Ecole, or Court Reporting Institute. In doing so, you’ll be able to find work since you’ll have what it takes to satisfy the needs of the employers. Vatterott makes it possible for you to work your education into your already existing schedule so that you can get the hands-on training you need. You’ll learn from our experienced and professional instructors and you can take advantage of our flexibility in our program hours and the customized career service assistance.

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There are a variety of programs held at the various Vatterott campuses, including ones that cover subjects in Business, Medical, Technical, Trades, Court Reporting and Culinary. Every program is industry-relevant and is designed to uphold Vatterott's mission to provide career skills leading to a better life for their graduates.

In 1969, Vatterrott College started providing the top career training to people looking to improve their lives with a new career. Vatterott Education Centers Inc. was established in 2003 as the parent company of several organizations such as The Court Reporting Institutes, L’École Culinaire, Vatterott Career Colleges based in Memphis Tennessee, Vatterott Education Center of Dallas, and Vatterott College.

The programs at Vatterott College cover such areas as Business, Culinary Skills, Medical, Technical, Trades, and Court Reporting. All of our offered programs are relevant to their industries, and they are all designed to fulfill Vatterott's mission of setting our students up for fulfilling careers.

A fresh kind of education is promoted by Vatterott - training that can transform your life. Whether you're planning on becoming an IT professional or assuming your place in business operations, enrolling in a diesel mechanics program, or getting a diploma in paralegal studies, Vatterott can help you become prepared for a brand new career path. Following are the award levels that are available at the different Vatterott locations. It is important to note that not all of our campuses offer every program.

  • Diploma
  • Associate of Occupational Studies Degree
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Bachelor of Science Degree

At Vatterott College, Vatterott Career College, Vatterott Education Center, L'Ecole Culinaire, or the Court Reporting Institute, students will graduate with a degree and/or diploma that has equipped them with the abilities employers are looking for. Through practical training from our teachers, adaptable program hours, and personalized career service support, Vatterott will help you tailor the education you require into your hectic schedule.

Diploma - Building Maintenance Mechanic

Wouldn't you like to be the go-to person that handles a variety of responsibilities. This role could be yours, especially if you enjoy working in a variety of the trades and enjoy using your hands in the course of your duties. You can become a person that performs maintenance for buildings of every size and purpose, from hospitals to apartments. You will be required to take the Building Maintenance Mechanic program at Vatterott College.

Refrigeration, heating, plumbing, electrical wiring, and carpentry will constitute the major topics of study in the course. It is possible to learn about electrical theory which is associated with HVAC systems and you can also develop techniques involved in refrigeration cycles, domestic heating systems, and plumbing and other practices of pipe fitting. It is possible for an individual to develop expertise in refrigeration cycles, domestic heating systems, and plumbing and practices of pipe fitting operations. You will learn how to use the proper tools and resources to execute basic carpentry skills correctly. You will also learn how to troubleshoot and repair wiring problems from the program.

Vatterott College list of campuses:

  • Vatterott College - Cleveland
  • Vatterott College - Des Moines
  • Vatterott College - Joplin
  • Vatterott College - Kansas City
  • Vatterott Career College - Memphis Dividend
  • Vatterott College - Saint Charles
  • Vatterott College - Oklahoma City
  • Vatterott College - Quincy
  • Vatterott College - Springfield
  • Vatterott College - St. Joseph
  • Vatterott College - Sunset Hills
  • Vatterott College - Tulsa
  • Vatterott College - Wichita
  • Vatterott Career College - Memphis - Appling Farms
  • Vatterott College - ex'treme Institute by Nelly - St Louis
  • Vatterott College - Northpark
  • Vatterott College - Fairview Heights

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